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Our Top Five Banned Commercials [NSFW]
Today Baby J and I were talking about how often the best commercials are those that are written to say one thing but insinuate another. We spent a couple minutes looking at old television commercials that had made us laugh in the past. Here's what we found -- this is funny stuff!...
Epic Piercing Fails – Our Top 5 [VIDEO NSFW]
Honest to gosh -- true story here -- my 19 year old son who I did NOT drop on his head as a child wants to mutilate his ears/body with gauges. I try to look at the big picture and see that out of some of the choices he could make this is probably not as life altering as lets say driving while impai…
Wet Driveway Foils Prankster [VIDEO]
A dad’s attempt to sneak up on his daughter and frighten her ends in hilarious failure when he slips on a wet driveway and lands on his face. Watch the prankster pop take a tumble below:

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