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Nine Inch Nails Working on New Music
Turns out the Nine Inch Nails 20th anniversary farewell tour in 2009 may not have been what it claimed to be. While NIN head honcho Trent Reznor has been keeping his hands full raising a child and recording with his new How to Destroy Angels project, featuring his wife Mariqueen Maandig -- not to me…
Trent Reznor Working On New Nine Inch Nails Album
Big things seem to be happening lately for Trent Reznor.  Not only did he just win a Golden Globe award for best motion picture score for the 'The Social Network', but now it looks like he is going to spend 2012 working on writing a new Nine Inch Nails album.
New Nine Inch Nails Album on the Way
With all the awards and nominations Trent Reznor has been receiving for his soundtrack work on both ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ it was beginning to look like the industrial-rock king had found an entire new career. But get y…
Reznor to Make New Nine Inch Nails Album
Oscar winner Trent Reznor says he will record another Nine Inch Nails album. In a blog post on, the musician says he will focus on that project next and will also release the second album from his other group, How to Destroy Angels, in the fall...
Nine Inch Nails? Try 20 Inch Nails
An Atlanta woman is looking to nail down her place in history -- with her very own nails.
Jazz Ison Sinkfield has been growing her fingernails for more than two decades -- and recently passed the 20-inch mark. Each manicure, incidentally, costs her 250 bucks -- more after the jump.