Well, Nine Inch Nails squeaked by Staind by one vote in our last Cage Match featuring songs from 2005. So we will start a new cage match with Weezer jumping in to battle against Nine Inch Nails.We’re still on 2005 rock hits today with Nine Inch Nails vs. Weezer. Nine Inch Nails needs no intro. They had a No. 1 hit with “The Hand That Feeds” in April 2005. The album “With Teeth” was released March 2005 and hit with this one only a month later.

Weezer is a great alternative rock band with some cool tunes that hit the charts throughout the years. April 2005 hit big for the band with "Beverly Hills." It's on their 5th album "Make Believe." Tunecaster rated it a top 10 song for the year.

Which song do you like better?