Major Pot Bust in East Texas
A Texas Department of Public Safety officer pulled over a box truck in Jasper County early yesterday morning for a seatbelt violation, and that led to one of the biggest East Texas marijuana busts in recent history.
14 Year Old Dies From Smoking Fake Pot
This story is tragic -- simply tragic.  In June a 14 year old, eighth grade student, Brandon from Pittsburgh smoked some pot.  Tragically he tried to use a PEZ dispenser as a pipe and inhaled partially melted plastic which  coated his lungs with toxic chemicals.
Bible Study Ends In Fist Fight
Kicking but for Jesus! A Florida woman was arrested after a Bible study turned brutal!
Allegedly an unidentified woman at a Laguna Beach Bible study prepared a joint to smoke. Another woman in the group, Heidi Rhodes, wasn’t having that and punched her, giving the “holy smoker&…
Man Calls 911 To Ask Questions About His Marijuana Plant [AUDIO]
Robert J. Michelson wanted to know how much trouble he could get in for growing one marijuana plant. So he called 911 and asked.
The dispatcher tried to dissuade him for using the emergency service for a non-emergency, but he persisted, and admitted he was growing marijuana before asking her what th…