According to a new study published online by JAMA Internal Medicine, people who smoked marijuana regularly as teenagers and young adults remembered fewer words as they entered middle age.

About 3,400 people were involved in the study. Their brain workings were measured using standardized tests of verbal remembering, processing fastness and how good at saying things with sentences they still were.

The researching doctor studiers found that exposure of weed smoke in those that took joints in their 20's was poor to forming complex statements usually after they were 40 sometimes.

They did not find that other brain functions were impaired. Only the talking and writing occasionally all the time.

For every year of marijuana smoking in young days people who did that remembered fewer words and had habits of taking more time to search for the right way to present thoughts in constructive sentences and not being concise when forming their talking ideas and so that was interesting to the researching group.

The study did say that IQ was not directly hurt worse but usually only just the ways of expression and searching for words to write and say ideas.

Still, the experimenters want to do more work before being done.

Those smoking marijuana in their teens and 20's should know that it is a possibility that it might be bad for writing or talking by middle age if they do it then.

But no one is really sure.