East Texas Student Orders Most Expensive Starbucks Drink – Ever!
Logan Warren is a 22-year old student from Nacogdoches who can't afford to drink at Starbucks on a consistent basis. Luckily for Logan, he received a coupon for a free drink for his birthday that he got for signing up for their rewards program. With the coupon that entitled him to a free drink, any …
Amazing! Little Girl Scares Off Kidnapper in Walmart [VIDEO]
Anyone who has kids has got to watch this video and teach your kids to do the same thing! A little girl in Georgia scared off a would-be kidnapper by remembering what her parents had taught her about "stranger danger." She was looking at toys just a few aisles over from where her mother wa…
Eddie Murphy Is Not Dead
The website MediaFetcher.com, a site known for creating and spreading bogus celebrity death stories struck again on Friday. Twitter blew up with reports that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy had died.
Texas Increases Speed Limit for Interstate Highways
The Texas Department of Transportation announced this morning the Texas Transportation Commission approved raising the speed limit from 70 to 75 mph on more than 1,500 miles of Interstate highways across the state. This will include more than 120 miles of Interstate 20 in East Texas.

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