Wednesday will be one of the busiest travel days of the year, and it's not just carloads of people headed to Grandma's house who will be on the road.  State troopers will be out there too, watching for speeders, drunk drivers, and those who aren't wearing seat belts.  

For those who drive, Triple A said this week the average distance will be 549 miles away from home.  And with gas prices lower, this is expected to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel weekend since 2007.

Other drivers out there on the roads can frustrate us at any time of course!  But there may be even more opportunities to pound the steering wheel this this weekend, with roads full of folks who want to get where they're going as quickly as possible so they can dig into that 4500 calorie meal and watch the Cowboys game.

The Texas Dept. of Transportation made close to 400 arrests last Thanksgiving weekend, and issued more than 6800 speeding tickets across the state.  And they have plans to do more of the same between Wednesday and Sunday.

Did you hear that the most-consumed pie flavor on Thanksgiving Day is not pumpkin, but it's apple instead?  And it will probably taste a whole lot better if your wife is not mad at you over a silly speeding ticket.  So drive safely, turn up the radio on the road trip, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.