The state of our music experience in East Texas has often become an assembly line of average and boring. I mean no offense to those out there making and performing music. It is a struggle for you as well I am sure, but how else will we change the lineup of bands if there are not different and new bands playing around town to challenge the mass of cover bands?

There are too many nights out on the town around Tyler that I find make me sick. When I enter a concert hall or bar hosting a band playing music I have heard too many times before, I feel my mind and body tense. As the room fills with the mundane sounds, my muscles ache. I feel instantly tired and irritable. Not wanting to go home, as I have just arrived, the only cure is to separate my ears from the noise. What is the sense of going out on the weekend to spend money on a cover charge and drinks at marked up prices to just avoid the very night life I ventured out to experience?

As our city grows, so does our chance of different and better music experiences. Clicks Live has been trying to keep up with the demand of Tyler's music lovers. Recently there have been shows featuring local bands, drum and bass, indie rock, and even Snoop Dogg. But, next Saturday night they are opening their doors for a mixed crowd of East Texas' headphone devoted.

Headlining the Nov. 10 show will be a band that formed here in Tyler and grew too large for the constrictions of a town so numb to change. Though, they left the few awake and aware of the unvarying music scene in East Texas behind for Austin. Knifight is headed home to give a night of relief to the ears of those lost in the monotonous. The tedious notes strangling the music efforts of bands with innovative songs, beware. Knifight and friends are planning a takeover of the senses with sounds revolting against the normal Johnny Cash and Maroon 5 covers.

The bands that will be playing are well practiced and ready for the challenge to bring something amazing to the crowd at Clicks.

Knifight, better known for their shows with bands including Future Islands and Active Child, were also featured in Under the Radar magazine. Their funky and experimental sounds of guitars and electronics are a fun mix for your pleasure. They are sure to make your night an adventure in music.

Lucas for Sheriff is another well prepared and seasoned band that will be exploding talent Saturday night. Lucas for Sheriff, like Knifight, began as one man with something to say that only music could express. And as Knifight grew, so did Lucas for Sheriff. Though this band is folk and country music as opposed to Knifight's synthetic sounds, they are the another reason to be excited.

Soulful and moving vocals are joined by twangy and intricate ambient guitar sounds in the music of Lucas for Sheriff. The lyrics come straight from lead singer Lucas Kelm's heart and are terrifyingly  persuasive to the viewer's own emotions. Lucas for Sheriff's music has been known to break the most masculine of men's heart. Do not worry, this will not be a show about crying. They also have plenty of songs to get those boots stomping and the hips shaking.

This show will have such a variety of music, no one will leave empty handed of delight and memories. Getting the night started with Young Ones and Moving Castles and ending with Lucas for Sheriff and Knifight, this will be an amazing experience. How could this night be any more different from the hum drum of that same band you have seen around town a hundred times?

Come out an enjoy something new and different. Experiment with a change. Let music be something that takes you over and doesn't make you run away. Have a night that makes you feel something out of the ordinary.

Knifight at Clicks, Facebook