Engagement rings are getting cheaper. Sort of.

The average engagement ring cost over $2400 last year, according to a survey by American Express, and this year guys are shelling out $2311 for that rock. Still pricey!
Some celebrities have been known to spend six figures on an engagement ring and that boosts the average. But some of us don't mind a cheap engagement ring and we'll put the rest of the money toward new countertops, flooring, or a new car instead.

I read earlier this month that the average amount of money spent on Valentine's Day is just over $110, but this AmEx survey says guys will spend $254 on gifts, dinner, tickets, and romance on Friday. Does that include the babysitter? Apparently it does not include the ring, unless it's a ring out of a gumball-like machine.

This will be a busy week for florists and chocolate strawberry dippers. And for guys who are just now deciding it's time to pop the question. Hope she says yes!