If you bought any Tony Romo jerseys over the past year, you may have helped propel the Dallas Cowboys to another year of being the NFL's most valuable franchise.

And there's a huge gap between those extremely lucrative Dallas Cowboys and the league's least valuable team.  

Essentially, Jerry Jones has doubled his investment over the past 25 years.  He bought the team in 1989 for $150 million, and according to Forbes magazine, the team is worth about $3.2 billion now.  In fact, the Cowboys are the only team to be worth more than $3 billion.  Can you wrap your brain around that amount of money?  Jerry Jones probably can.

The Patriots, Redskins, Giants, and Texans round out the top five.  The Texans may not have any championships and they only managed two wins last season, but fans love 'em!

ESPN points out the gap between the NFL's richest and poorest (if you can call an NFL team poor), and it's more than two billion bucks.  While the Cowboys are worth $3.2 billion, seven teams are worth less than one billion.  That includes the Chargers ($995 million), Bengals ($990 million), Raiders ($970 million), Jaguars ($965 million), Lions ($960 million), Bills ($935 million) and Rams ($930 million).

Oh, and those Seattle Seahawks increased their value by over a billion dollars with the Super Bowl win in February.  If the Cowboys can manage another championship, they might pass Real Madrid as the most valuable sports franchise in the world.  Then your buddy the Cowboy hater would really have something to despise.

Everything really is bigger in Texas!  Now let's get on with the season.  Cowboys - 49ers September 7th at 3:25 on Fox.