Isn't there a point you cross in a marriage - maybe the 20 or 25-year mark - where you think you're safe, and that you're out of the divorce danger zone? Fifteen years? Apparently there is no such mile-marker.

Another well-known couple has announced a split, and this time it's a classic rocker and his wife who had been married more than three decades.

Neil Young and his wife announced their divorce this week, and there's a hearing set for December 12th, according to Rolling Stone.

Neil and his Pegi first met when he was dining at a restaurant where she was a waitress, and he said at one point he used to order just to watch her float across the floor.  It turned out she had quite a bit of musical experience too.  She has released three solo albums since 2007 and has toured on her own.  Neil toured in Europe this summer and has a few acoustic shows coming up in October.  They were both supposed to play Farm Aid on September 13th, but now Pegi's is off the bill.

Can you imagine dividing up property after 36 years? We wish them both the best.