Business Insider recently published an article identifying the biggest bands in history from every state in the USA.  That "Lil' Ol' Texas Trio" took top honors for the Lone Star State.  

The story recaps how the publication arrived at the decisions on which performers earned #1 status:  record sales, music industry awards, & other factors such as longevity, live performance drawing power & overall reputation (in their home regions particularly).

ZZ Top's career-history speaks for itself, culminating with a 2004 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction.  Congratulations to Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, & Frank Beard on another outstanding achievement for ZZ Top!

As the map below showcases, a few of the state reps are pretty obvious:  Bruce Springsteen for New Jersey & Boston for Massachusetts.  (Aerosmith was actually formed in New Hampshire, so Steven Tyler's band holds the #1 spot for that state.)  Others are real headscratchers- my first reaction to a couple of the names was "who?- never heard of 'em!"...  Take a look- if you think a band got jobbed, especially in those places where virtual unknowns were declared "most famous", please share your opinion.


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