People in Texas are becoming a lot more ill-behaved over doorbuster deals.  Our odds of seeing a fight break out on Black Friday just shot up, and at the same time, shoppers in Louisiana have become a lot more courteous and well-behaved. Prepare yourself. 

Violence on Black Friday in the past has involved people getting trampled and punched, and in a few cases, it's included pepper spray and pocket knives. It's insane!  Would you ever?  I promise never to pepper spray you over a cheap flat screen.

Some of the worst cases have happened right here in the South, in states including Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana, which ranked 4th last year. Texas had been a little safer by comparison at #19, but apparently, some black eyes have happened recently and the newest rankings from show we've jumped up two spots to #17.  It's just shopping!  But evidently, it's not Black Friday until someone gets tased.

The incidents that go into the rankings include being trampled, stabbed, pepper sprayed, shot, bumped with a car, or getting into some regular ole fight with pushing and shoving and maybe a stun gun.  Really!  All of this comes immediately after our big day of peace and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.

But it could always be worse.  At least we're not in the top five most unruly states on Black Friday.  And good for Louisiana for dropping out of the top five.  Our neighbors over there have settled down quite a bit and fell all the way to #29 in the rankings.

1.  Arkansas
2.  Tennessee
3.  West Virginia
4.  North Carolina
5.  Alabama

Walmart tops the list of stores that have had the most violent incidents on Black Friday.  And before you go blaming the "people of Walmart" for the chaos, Walmart does have the highest number of stores and therefore more opportunities to find cases of people getting mowed down over hundred dollar laptops.  The mall, Target, Best Buy, and Kohls have also had issues.

Black Friday shoppers are on a serious mission, so this will not be the day to meander through the stores and be leisurely.  I made the mistake once of going to Walmart on Black Friday just to browse and nearly lost my eyebrows as people were whizzing past me for two dollar towels.  I'm looking for a big muscular dude on Tinder as we speak, and I'm going to suggest our first date be at Walmart on Black Friday so he can protect me.

I hope you find what you're looking for on Black Friday, and also that you don't end up on the news or Youtube.  Good luck.

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