In the heart of Marshall, Texas, a spirited celebration is on the horizon as Wiley College prepares to welcome alumni, students, and the local community to its annual Homecoming festivities.

This time-honored tradition is not just a reunion; it's a joyous embodiment of the rich history and enduring spirit that defines this esteemed institution. Wiley is planning a big week of celebration beginning Oct. 29th through Nov. 4th.

Homecoming is not just about nostalgia; it's about strengthening the bonds of the Wiley College community.

Wiley proudly celebrates this year's homecoming theme, "Returning to Our Roots." The schedule of events is filled with activities that are part of their storied tradition and special moments that will signal the future.

The festivities include a vibrant parade that winds its way through the streets of Marshall, showcasing the college's vibrant student organizations, and the proud faces of current students and alumni. The thrilling homecoming basketball games, add to the excitement. The cheer of the crowd and the resounding school spirit create an electrifying atmosphere.

Highlighted Events

Google Maps
Google Maps

OCT. 29, 2023

  • Wiley College Gospel Fest
  • Coronation Of Miss Wiley

OCT. 31

  • Harvest Fest & Community Health Fair

NOV. 2

  • Day of Service
  • Wiley Welcome Mixer for Alumni and Friends

NOV. 3

  • Wiley Campus Walking Tours
  • Returning to our Roots Tree Planting Ceremony
  • Wiley NPHC Homecoming Step Show
  • Wiley Lights up the Sky
  • Alumni Mixer

NOV. 4

  • Wiley Annual Homecoming Parade
  • Wiley College Fall Preview Day
  • Wiley Annual Game Day Tailgating
  • Athletics V.I.P. and Meet the Coaches Event
  • Wildcat Homecoming Game Day
  • Annual Sneaker Ball

For more details on other events open to the public and more visit the Wiley website.

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