Online dating is such an adventure! And sometimes not in a good way. Just when I thought I had seen it all and nothing could shock me, something happened last week that made me want to throw in the dating towel.

Unfortunately, this may have already happened to you too.

Some of the dating apps have really long profiles and screening processes, but Tinder is an exception to that rule.  All we have to do to start swiping on Tinder and meeting hotties, is upload a few photos, write sentence or two about ourselves, and hit save.  I'm beginning to think it's a little too easy.

Last August I met a great guy on Tinder and we really hit it off.  We chatted over text for a week or so, met in person, liked each other a lot, and went on several dates.  We had lunches, played golf, and went to movies and happy hours.  I liked him.  But as often happens in the dating world, we got distracted and things faded, and we lost touch.  I dated someone else for a few weeks, and I didn't think much more about him.  Until last week.

We reconnected on Tinder, and during the first few message exchanges he said, "I should have told you this sooner, but..."

Oh no!!!  That is never good!  That kind of opener only signals there is some kind of shocker coming and I should brace myself and probably turn up some I-want-to-kick-your-butt music.

His big reveal was, "I'm in an open marriage.  My wife and I both see other people."

Umm....ok.  After I got past the Jackie Chan fight scene in my head where I twisted him into a big heap on the floor, I simply said, "Yeah, that's not going to work for me."

How would you react?  I feel betrayed!  But apparently his wife does not.  He said she has introduced him to her boyfriends before and he's fine with that.  I don't understand how that type of relationship works.  I really don't.  And this guy has two daughters.  Does he want them to meet someone like him?

Could you date someone in an open marriage?  Do tell!

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