Every year I see several of my friends on my Facebook page try to sell their gift cards on Facebook. Some people are asking to trade their gift cards for a store that is closer and some have been very blatant and said "Will trade an Olive Garden gift card for a Chipotle gift card." Keep in mind I am all about getting gift cards. I think they are an under rated gift for sure.

One time I was gifted a Victoria Secret gift card, I remember telling my boyfriend, "What size do you think I am?" I am definitely more of a Soma Intimates girl anyway. Turns out that there is a website that lets you trade and sell your unwanted gift cards. I wish I would have known about this instead of just giving the gift card away. How many gift cards have we given away without realizing we could easily trade them in for something we will actually use and in some cases cash.

Cardpool.com is an easy and safe way to sell that unwanted gift card without having to meet up with a shady person off Craigslist or Facebook. Is there any other method you have used to get rid of gift cards you won't be using?


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