I don't fly a whole lot out of a Texas airport, but when I do, I enjoy the experience. Yes, it can get a little hectic once you arrive getting everything checked in, going through security and finding your terminal but even all that isn't bad per se. I've also never encountered an issue where my bag ended up on the wrong plane or just outright lost. I've never experienced a delay or cancellation of my flight either. So I can only empathize when someone mentions the issues they had when flying.

Statistics From 2023

Honestly, I think the release of these statistics from 2023 really show the rarity of a flight being delayed or cancelled despite all the reports we hear on the news about it. In total in 2023, one fifth of all flights in the U.S. were delayed out of the 6.8 million flights that were scheduled. I'll be honest, that isn't too bad. The report even got as specific as showing the statistics for airports in different states, including Texas (kxan.com).

Jack Brooks Regional Airport in Beaumont and Del Rio International Airport were the two worst airports for delays and cancellations in Texas. 5.6% of flights were cancelled and 12.9% of flights were delayed in Beaumont. 4.3% of flights were cancelled and 10.9% of flights were delayed in Del Rio.

East Texas Airports

This report even provided statistics for Tyler Pounds Reginal Airport in Tyler and East Texas Regional Airport in Longview. 2.5% of flights were cancelled and 16.7% of flights were delayed in Tyler. 2.1% of flights were cancelled and 14.1% of flights were delayed in Longview.

Delays and cancellations are not the goal of any airport in the country. Really, in the overall scheme of things, our airports do pretty good. The percentages make it all look worse. In 2023, there were 6.8 million flights with 1.4 million of those flights delayed. When you look at it that way, it's not so bad. Out of those 6.8 million flights, just over 87,000 were cancelled.

Keep Flying

Don't let these numbers discourage you. Keep on flying. At some point in your travels, you will run into a delay or a cancellation for whatever reason. Do what you need to do to get past that hiccup until you get to your final destination.

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