Growing up in a small town in Nebraska I was close to my family, and there were certain things I always expected my dad to know how to do.  He was always there fixing things with his handy drill, landscaping the yard with his trusty riding lawn mower, and grilling ribs on Sundays.  He was just the go-to guy for that kind of thing.

Turns out, those are all things that women expect from any guy.  Whether it's Dad or a husband or boyfriend, guys are expected to know how to be good at drilling stuff.  What else is on the list?

To make us gals swoon, or at least not cringe, there are certain things a guy just has to know how to do.

Emma Sarran on says some of the things guys are expected to know include grilling, being good with a drill, diagnosing what's wrong with a broken down appliance, mowing the lawn, and driving a stick shift.

Yes!  I'll mow my own lawn and enjoy it and I've learned to get good at hanging shelves and artwork with screws and anchors via the drill, but the thought of figuring out what's wrong mechanically with something makes me want to draw a hot bath and pour a glass of wine and pretend like everything is in fine working order.  Guys like to fiddle with things, and women don't usually have the same tinkering qualities.  At least I don't.

These things that are expected of guys are lowest-common-denominator qualities. Then you guys have to work hard beyond that to become dream guy.  Sorry we're so demanding!  But I'm sure there's plenty that you expect from us gals too.

What would you add to the list?