We may not be able to leave the house much, but we got windows!  From rainbows to silly faces, you might be seeing a lot more of this around East Texas.

With so many people holed up in the house right now, windows are becoming a new social media platform. Neighbors are posting pictures of rainbows, encouraging messages, and pictures of pets to spread a little hope and cheer.  Why the heck not.

The rainbow pictures are mostly coming from kids so far, but if adult coloring is still cool, then I'm thinking it will only be a matter of time before some pretty intricate rainbow art shows up from grownups too.  Coloring can be therapeutic, and the Rainbow Trail movement is a way to line the neighborhood with little mood boosts for everyone out walking dogs and getting a little exercise.

Joel Dearing, neighborhood group
Joel Dearing, neighborhood group

A friend of mine in Indianapolis said his neighborhood group has come up with a few theme days through April too where they plan to walk the neighborhood (socially-distanced of course) and see what window displays have popped up.  The idea to post jokes seems like it might be a little risky in Texas, but then with all of the stress right now it might be a good time just to let 'er rip.

If we start our own East Texas trail of window art, I have a hunch it would become a trail of barbecue, Whataburger, Shiner, and fajitas in a hurry.  Or we could fill up the entire window frame with an enormous picture of guac and be okay with it.

We could easily get into the dumps during this crisis and stay there, but East Texans are always resilient and helpful and we don't put up with much so I know we'll rise up.

And while we're kicking that virus to the curb, it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun with a silly face on the front window too.

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