If you want a real tree this year, the good news is there's no shortage.  But that tree will cost more this time around, and you can blame the weather.

It takes a Christmas tree about seven years to grow to a size that's right for your living room, and when the weather brings too much rain or too much heat and impacts the health of the tree, all of that slow and steady progress can be ruined within a few weeks.  Poor trees!

Non-tree-friendly weather happened in some regions around the U.S. this year, and it could have an impact on the Christmas tree prices we see here in East Texas.

The Today Show said this week that farmers in major tree-growing states like Oregon, Michigan, North Carolina, and Missouri ran into unexpected hot weather and too much rain this year, and they've sent fewer trees out as a result.  And also, since it takes around a decade to grow a big tree, farmers are feeling the effects of the 2008 recession when they planted smaller crops and there are fewer trees to chop down this year as a result.  The smaller supply drives up prices.

We should be able to handle the increase without having to scratch somebody from the holiday gift list, but at the same time, it will probably be a big enough jump to notice.  The Today Show said some growers estimate the price of a Christmas tree could go up by $20 this year.

Last year, NBC DFW said trees already cost more in Texas than in any other state.  Folks in Texas paid $104 for a live Christmas tree in 2018, which was $31 more than the national average.  This year, will the cost go up to $124?  Holy cow.  That may make a fake tree more appealing since you can keep it from year to year and spread out the cost.

Does anyone else feel a little bit bad that it takes a tree seven to ten years to grow into itself, and we chop it down and put it in a living room for six weeks, only to turn it into wood chips a few days later?  I do.  I'm a fake tree girl all the way.  If you are going with a real tree, it's awesome if you recycle it and let it live out a little more purpose so it doesn't feel like it got the short end of the stick.  Or the branch in this case.

Every time we get online we see that the price of something is going up this year.  Good grief!  But we're trying to help ya.  You still have opportunities to win cash with us, so download that mobile app and get set to bank some money before the holiday season really kicks in.  And you'll have plenty left over for a fancy star on top of the tree too.

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