Today is a special day that I believe everyone should take part in especially during times like we're experiencing today.

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Today we celebrate National Day of Prayer a special day which started in 1952 and was observed publicly on the first Thursday of May in 1988 where many Americans and world wide come together and pray for one another.

With so much going on in the world like the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy and the safety and well being of our fellow man I believe that we should be praying for such a time as this.

Why should you pray?  I'll give you 10 reasons

  1. Prayer protects us
  2. Prayer changes things
  3. Prayer keeps you in God’s will
  4. Prayer draws you closer to God
  5. Prayer enhances your happiness level
  6. Prayer gives you hope
  7. Prayer decreases selfishness
  8. Prayer heals
  9. Prayer increases spiritual strength
  10. Prayer gives us peace

Growing up in a Christian household one of the key elements of or daily routine was prayer and that tradition has been passed down to my kids and now their daily lives.

If you would like to participate in virtual National Day of Prayer there are local events in your area by clicking here.

Prayer is very important to me personally and as a matter of fact when I start my day with prayer and end my day with prayer any event that happens in between my day works out in my favor.

So I encourage you while your enjoying your day to just take a moment and have a conversation with God.  Trust me he would love to hear from you.

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