It’s 2012 and we want to keep readers informed of what’s ‘In’ and what’s ‘Out’ for the coming year. Here is a quick list that we hope to update as the year progresses.

In: The left nipple — Out: The right nipple

In: Taylor Lautner — Out: Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner

In: Outhouses — Out: Peeing in a coffee mug

In: Wut?! — Out: Wha?!

In: Outies — Out: Innies

In: Gary Busey — Out: Jake Busey

Gary Busey, Jake Busey

In: ‘Ina-goda-da-vida,’ Iron Butterfly — Out: ‘I Get Knocked Down,’ Chumbawamba

Chumbawamba, Ina-goda-da-vida

In: Making porn in public — Out: Watching porn in public

In: Wrestling — Out: Wrestling strangers

Wrestling vs. wresting strangers

In: Ferb — Out: Phineas

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