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5 Lucky Food Items To Ring In 2014 With
As 2014 approaches, we look for ways to bring us better luck and good fortune for the new year. If you believe in eating your way to good luck, here are 5 things that can help you achieve your goal, plus, these New Year's Eve treats can be easily served at your New Year's party tonight...
New Year’s Eve Drinks You Should Try
New Years Eve is in just one day. While you are get ready for the night of fun, friends, family, and resolutions; have you thought about what drink you might have to help ring in the new year? Here are a few fancy new ones to try that will make your New Years celebration even better.
Top Tyler Shops For Your Christmas or New Years Dress
It is a girl's favorite time of year. Not only do we ladies get to give and receive gifts, we get to go shopping. One of the more fun holiday shopping excursions is to find the perfect Christmas party and New Years celebration dresses. But, where are the best places to look around town?
Rockers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions
New Year’s resolutions: Most people don’t live up to them, but everyone makes ‘em — even your favorite hard rockers. How do we know? Thanks to the good people at Noisecreep, who asked a long list of rock’s heaviest hitters to share their plans for 2012, including Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, Dre…