I love me some Whataburger. East Texans love them some Whataburger. Most of Texas loves Whataburger. With the way Whataburger is expanding throughout the country, soon most of the United States will love Whataburger. Texans are also very inventive. We will find some genius ways to reuse an item around our home. However, I'm not sold on this Whataburger "hack" that's being passed around as we get ready for the artic blast Sunday night into Monday.

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Weird Whataburger "Hack"

I first saw this a couple of days ago on the I Love Texas Facebook page. If you haven't "Liked" their page, I suggest that you do, they have some great content. The post in question was shared onto their page from The Wolf in Dallas. The picture shows a Whataburger cup covering an outside faucet to help keep out the cold air that could freeze and burst a home's water pipes. They even rigged it up just like those faucet covers you can get at Lowes so it will stay on tight.

Would this work, though?

That's the question you have to ask yourself. I'm not sure. Those cups are great at keeping our Dr Pepper cold but I don't think they could hold off a 9 degree morning low. Weatherman Matthew Seedorfft of FOX 26 in Houston went on TikTok and said that it's very possible it could work. He even mentions that the faucet is probably wrapped in a towel underneath the cup. Now that might just work.

@mattseedorfftv Protecting your pipes from freezing Texas style #texas #freeze #winter #arcticblast2022 #houston #whataburger #plumbing #pipes #trending #tiktok #tvnews #tvreporter #greenscreen ♬ original sound - News Reporter Matthew

Whataburger for the win. -  Matthew Seedorfft, FOX 26 Houston

I still don't know if I would try this, though, as we get ready for that artic cold front moving through. Lows are expected to be around 15 degrees give or take across East Texas Monday morning with temperatures staying below freezing until Wednesday. But hey, if you want to give it a shot, go for it. Just don't blame me for a busted pipe.

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