Your favorite fast food burger will be hitting the road, literally. Whataburger's on wheels!

I can picture it in my mind now, it definitely has orange and white stripes and probably some kind of A frame look to the back end and looking sleek and stylish while pumping out the aroma of those juicy burgers!

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Whataburger will be debuting its first ever food truck at an educators event in San Antonio Thursday morning. So far, no pictures of the new customized food truck has leaked to the media.  However, reports that the customized food truck was a collaboration with Cruising Kitchens in San Antonio. The new food truck will also be featured on an episode of MotorTrends TV show according to KSAT.

The fast food giant will be showing their appreciation for teachers in the San Antonio area and providing them with some classroom items along with breakfast Thursday morning from the 36 foot truck that has the same capabilities of a traditional store. It can crank out Whataburgers from the 24 foot cooking space powered by a 30,000 watt generator.

Whataburger celebrates its 70th anniversary on Saturday and this new food truck is part of the celebration. It's not known at this time where else the Whataburger on wheels might show up. Let's just hope they drive that thing on over in to East Texas! I wouldn't mind for it to be parked right out in front of the studio - even if it were just for a few hours.

Don't forget, you can get a free Whataburger when you purchase one through Sunday using the Whataburger app or placing an online order.

I'll be watching the Whataburger and San Antonio sites for pictures of the new food truck and get them posted here once I discover them.

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