We come across interesting stories every day on Facebook; stories of first loves, new babies, travel; you name it. Every now and then, we come across that golden nugget of a story. The one that makes you want to share it with your family and your friends.

All of this got me thinking...Surely, East Texans have family history that would make for a great story to share. So I took to Facebook to do just that...and boy did you guys deliver. We had dozens of responses, and here are just a few taken from our Facebook posts.

From Alex T:

"My grandfather was sent home from Pearl harbor the day before it was bombed because my grandmother was going into labor. He was a preacher and a farmer for the rest of his life and never kept a dime from the church."

On another Facebook post, Christy R. has family ties to Longview:

"My 3rd Great-Grandfather is Jesse Martin Glasco, who was a Tx legislator & land surveyor from Gilmer to Longview. He married one of the Daughter's of James Earp, whom founded Earpville - now known as Longview! "

Susan H. shared these photos:

"My grandpa (Felix Stringer) was the "mayor" if east Erwin in Tyler, and owned this gas station for 50 years..."

gas station
grandpa and mustang

Brent G. shared his Native American history:

"My Great Great Grandfather was a tribal counselman for our tribe the Chickasaws. He passed away when I was around 7 years old."

brent green

Cyndy B. told this story:

"My GGgrandfather was Harry Hines. He was the TX Railroad commissioner in the 1930's he brought brick roads, yellow lines & sholders to TX roads & highways"

John M. shared his ties to a U.S. President:

"Abraham Lincoln was a great great great uncle on my mother's side and henery Hudson was on my dad's side. Things I wish I had known in school..school reports would have been more interesting"


We know you've got more information and family stories to share! Please drop us a comment or share a photo on our Facebook page!

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