Ever wonder what everyone else is doing during the workday?  It's strangely calming and fascinating to watch this Tyler company print t-shirts.  

You probably have dozens of t-shirts in your closet, but you probably never stop to think about the process the threads went through before they perched themselves on your hanger.  Now we know.

Ridiculously Good Brands and Threads has been cranking out t-shirts in Tyler since April 2017, and they do it with eco-friendly prints and no harmful plastics. They print with water-based inks that they say are better for the environment and more comfortable to wear.  At RGBT you won't find those thick gel-based decals that were cool on concert t-shirts in the 80s.  These days nobody wants to feel like they're wearing a shield.

I stumbled across RGBT in my internet travels and thought I'd share.  (They have no idea I'm spilling their secrets.)  I just got curious about how you all spend your workday and about the things you create, and I'm always looking to give East Texas companies some love.  I'd love to know how you spend your workday too, so please shoot me a video if you've got one. And thanks for listening at work.

It's kind of relaxing to watch a screen printer working on his craft!  Enjoy.

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