More and more, we're becoming familiar with encountering AI in our daily routines. Even here in East Texas. I mean, on a smaller level--just look at how many of us use our phones.

Anytime you interact with Siri on your iPhone, you're communicating with and getting help from artificial intelligence. (Granted, how smart as "she" sounds, Siri can sometimes be more frustrating than helpful--but I digress.)

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And you've likely been hearing about businesses around the country beginning to utilize AI and actual robots as a part of their daily service.

For example, there's a restaurant in Dallas that is already using robots as "servers." Although there is still waitstaff, the robots "carry" the food to the customer's tables while the more conversational, interactive aspects of the dining experience are still handled by human beings.

Honestly, that is comforting. Some East Texans aren't completely comfortable with the idea of robots taking on typically human jobs. (Wait, did I just type that? Are we really having this conversation?) Yep. We are.

However, it looks like at least for the foreseeable future--these robots are being used as supplemental aids to people throughout their workday so they can focus on tasks that are more innately in need of a human touch.

And now, an actual robot has been "hired" by one business in Tyler, and its likely this is just the beginning.

Dragon's Breath Tobacco Shop located on Vine St. in Tyler is innovating their customer service experience. Check out the videos of their newest recruit in the video below as it approaches my colleague during his recent visit to the shop.

Ok, I gotta admit it's pretty cute--as far as robots go.

But it goes even further than that! Looks like it's got a little sass, too. Check this one out:

LOL!! Apparently it was NOT in a joking mood. Although that digital smile is adorable.

I'm looking forward to visiting soon.

So what about you? Would you mind being waited on by a friendly, cute, sassy robot like this one? Why or why not?

Welcome to the future. ;)

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