I'm really trying hard to give the benefit of the doubt after watching this video that is going viral out of Longview, but how would you not realize that you are dragging a WHOLE tree behind your vehicle? The video below really speaks for itself when you see a vehicle with a tree almost as big as the vehicle being pulled by the driver. Let's hope the driver who was pulling the tree behind it realized the error of their way and safely removed that from being attached to their vehicle. SMH!

You really hope that the driver was sober when something like this occurs. You're probably going to watch the short video clip below multiple times, and I cannot thank Chelsea Arnold enough for giving me permission to share this with you. It is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Almost as Good as the Video Created Were the Captions that Were Made on the Longview Social Media Group

People can be harsh on social media and they didn't hold back when discussing this driver who was dragging the tree behind them. Like Jim Redfern said, "Getting the Christmas Tree early". Or, Cheryl Eitelman who said, "Warning: Christmas trees do not fit in a Dodge Charger". Which is not only funny but true as well.

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No Word on if Law Enforcement Caught Up With the Lumberjack

I didn't see any comments about where the tree was planted before being uprooted. But hopefully this wasn't someone's personal property.

Okay, check out the video for yourself:


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