Shocked, that is the only word I can use to describe my reaction to hearing that Texas is one of the 10 best states in the country to drive a vehicle. It’s common knowledge in the state of Texas that drivers here are a little bit crazy (I mean that in the sweetest way possible). But according to Wallet Hub according to their statistics, Texas is the 7th best state to drive in.

But seriously, drivers in Texas will ride your bumper if you’re not going 10+ miles over the speed limit. Which made me wonder what statistics they were looking at when they came up with these results. The criteria included: cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic infrastructure, safety, and finally the access to vehicles and maintenance.

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Another Great Driving Statistic That Texas Has in its Favor

Another statistic that stood out to me while looking at their report had to do with weather. Seeing as how Texas made the top 5 list of states that has the fewest days of precipitation was big, that means weather isn’t making life difficult for drivers here as much as in other states.

Do You Think Texas is One of the Best States to Drive in?

I think Texas is easy to navigate, expect when you’re dealing with the chaos of the Metroplex during the morning or afternoon commute. But remember after looking at these stats, driving could definitely be worse. At least we aren’t driving around Hawaii which came in dead last on this list.

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