Smooth and soulful, there's no one quite like Carlos Santana's musical stylings on the guitar. Known for his artistic, spell-binding musical magic, Wikipedia describes him as a pioneer, bringing us "a fusion of rock and Latin American jazz" the likes of which hadn't been seen in the music industry before.

He's on almost any list of the greatest guitarists of all time, has won 10 Grammy's and 3 Latin Grammy's. The man is an artist, clearly, and now you can learn directly from him thanks to his contribution to a new online class series known as Masterclass.

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I've been doing a little delving into this series myself, as they offer classes from experts in all kinds of fields from cooking to film-making. Truly, it's an incredible series and one of my favorite things about living in the modern era--we can find almost anything we want online. Plus, I love the one-on-one feeling and the detailed insight they have provided thus far.

So, for music lovers like you and me, when I ran across this one, I dropped my pencil and notebook to hop online and tell you. 

I mean, there's learning to play the guitar, and then there's learning to play the guitar from Carlos Santana, right?

If you've ever thought about what it might be like to learn directly from a master like Santana, check this out. It's a bit of an investment, but perhaps worth it? Hey, if you go for it, let me know how it goes.

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Hey, this may be what inspires me to finally find the courage to get the little tattoo I've pondered having eternally etched on my wrist or ankle. 

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