My that's a rather alarming headline, isn't it? Sorry about that. 

At the same time, it may be helpful to anyone in Smith County who may have a warrant out for their arrest.

And if so, you're not alone. There are currently over 7,000 warrants out right now. Once a year, Smith County holds their annual "Warrant Roundup" in an effort to clear these off their books. (However, it didn't happen last year due to the pandemic.)

Although sometimes the warrants are for those who've committed more heinous crimes, such as aggravated assault. But, some of these warrants are issued for mishaps like fines long left unpaid, or court fees, fines not paid, or a violation of a court order.

Bermix Studio, Unsplash
Bermix Studio, Unsplash

Please know that if these fines aren't paid, as of Monday morning they are planning to vigilantly seek arrests so these can be handled. Once arrested you can choose to "sit out" the unpaid fines or pay them during the arraignment.

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Judicial Compliance/Collections Director Sheryl Keel told the Tyler Paper that "Smith County will target persons on the delinquent and or warrant list and make arrests at any location, including the person’s home, school or workplace."

Oh, let's avoid that unsavory scenario if at all humanly possible.

If you know this is something you, or someone you love, has been avoiding, right now is the best time to clear it up. Contact the Smith County Collections Department at 903-590-4624. If you'd prefer to visit the website, find it here.

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