We have a surprising number of entertaining offerings in East Texas that also help us learn about some of the most fascinating things in the cosmos. Yeah, literally. The Center for Earth and Space Science at TJC has an ongoing schedule of shows you can go see all throughout the week. The themes and subjects change somewhat seasonally. But, here are just a few of the options you can see right now:

Learn more about one of the modern world's ongoing obsessions: Robots. Although robots have been a part of collective consciousness for decades now, this show focuses more particularly on those that will be our reality in the near future. It's quite incredible really how life-like they can be. Not to mention the intense technology and programming that goes into bringing these to "life." As exciting as it is, some critics have concerns over if we are flirting with potential difficulty in creating these sleek humanoid robots. This show gets into that discussion, as well.

Perhaps you'd like to take interactive trip through the sky. In that case, check out East Texas Live Sky.  This show is "classic planetarium" at its best. Featuring some of the coolest objects that are visible in the nighttime sky in East Texas, you can pick out the Little Dipper or search the face of the sky for Orion's Sword. You may wanna bring the older kids to this one. And hey, when you're in "the dome," you can travel light-years in seconds to galaxies beyond our own and channel your inner Captain Kirk.

Speaking of the kiddos, there are even Planetarium shows specifically designed for children ages 10 and younger. The TJC CESSE site shares the schedule of these offerings, too. They include "Astronaut; Little Star That Could; From the Blue Planet to the Red Planet; Earth, Moon, & Sun; Secret of the Cardboard Rocket; One World, One Sky; A Starry Tale; and Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea." 

Ready to explore galaxies far, far away? Details for you here.


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