Don't forget you can catch a weekly interview with Texas Longhorns, Jordan Whittington on Friday mornings at 9:10 on KIXS108 presented by Weber Motor Company. If you would like for me to ask Jordan a question please send me an email at  Just last week, Jordan answered what is better Turkey Fest or Come and Take It Days? See the complete interview by clicking here.


Maybe yesterday felt like an early Christmas present for Longhorn fans as they routed Texas Tech 70-35 and it wasn't even that close.  During the second half of yesterday's game, a person dressed as 'Santa' ran across the field at DKR. Santa was able to outrun security for a few seconds before he was brought down in the endzone.  As reported by KVUE in Austin, 'It's unclear whether the dash across the turf was random or a planned stunt'  This stunt just added to the celebration of a BIG 12 blowout.


The Texas Longhorns took control from the opening kick and pretty much had the Red Raider defense gassed with a hurry-up offense for most of the first half.  QB, Casey Thompson was 18 for 23 with 303 yards at 5 touchdowns.  Local favorites Jordan Whittington and Johnathan Brooks had solid games.  Jordan Whittington had 5 receptions for 93 yards and 1 touchdown.  Hallettsville graduate, Johnathan Brooks had 47 yards on 7 carries.  The Texas Longhorns 3-1,1-0 will ride this momentum into Fort Worth for another Big 12 matchup against the TCU Horned Frogs 2-1,0-0 on Saturday at 11 AM.

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