Ever wonder if college is really worth all that money?

A new study says that for every dollar students UT Tyler invest in their education, they get a $2.70 return in higher future income. That might make it a little easier to foot the tuition bill.

The study says UT Tyler isn't just important to students, but it also has a big impact on the 14-county area around it with more than 6,000 new jobs created because of the education level it produces.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph says it's even possible that UT Tyler becomes the largest driver of economic activity in all of East Texas, and as the school grows it could reach the scale of a university like Auburn.

UT Tyler has a goal of having 14,000 students by 2025. It has about 8,000 now.

About 40 percent of students come from outside East Texas, and 60 percent are native East Texans. And all of them will probably hit the Whataburger drive-thru at midnight at some point in their college career. It's a right of passage.

Have a great summer, and if you're headed to UT Tyler in the fall, know that good things await! Good luck.