If there’s one thing Hollywood loves more than being original, it’s copying someone else’s idea.

Case in point: The rock biopic floodgates have officially been opened following the huge successes of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman and The Dirt.

As movie studios have quickly become aware, there are big bucks to be made in the real-life stories of music’s biggest stars. Artists who have made some of music’s most timeless tracks often have fascinating backstories, and now production companies are spending millions of dollars to secure life story rights, recruiting directors and casting famous faces.

Some of the choices seem obvious. Ozzy Osbourne, for example, is a captivating character who has survived more career twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster. He was always an obvious choice for a biopic, so it’s no surprise that one is currently in preproduction.

Other acts may seem like a more uncomfortable fit for the silver screen. For instance, the recent Bee Gees documentary told audiences so much about the band, we have to wonder what new ground a reported biopic would possibly cover.

Marianne Faithfull’s life has unquestionably been dramatic, but is she really a big enough star to warrant a film of her own? We'd be front-and-center for a Replacements biopic when it comes out, but their story – much like their music – seems a little too far removed from the mainstream to expect box office success.

There are, of course, added hurdles to bringing a real-life story to the big screen. If all of the band’s members aren’t on board, it can result in lawsuits (we’re looking at you, Sex Pistols).

Still, as fans we remain excited, and a little bit curious, about how these tales will unfold. Here’s a roundup of artists who are poised to get their own films.

Rock Stars Whose Lives Are Being Turned Into Movies

'Bohemian Rhapsody,' 'Rocketman' and 'The Dirt' have opened the floodgates.  

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