Thursday, September 22nd a major change happened to Tyler transportation: Uber, the smartphone app car service began operating as of 2 p.m. The Tyler City Council approved a change to a city ordinance that would allow ride sharing companies to operate within the city. Uber gave its first free ride to Tyler City Councilman John Nix and dubbed him as Rider Zero! Uber General Manager Beth Huddleston says,

Residents, students, and visitors in Tyler can now request a ride or make money - all at the tap of a button. Whether folks are headed to school, work or dinner with friends, Uber offers direct access to an affordable and convenient way to get around town."

As Uber's first rider Councilman Nix said,

Having Uber in Tyler is just another step in our City being responsive to the needs and requests of our citizens. I am thankful to be a part of bringing Uber to Tyler."

As part of Uber's launch in Tyler, the company is offering free rides for trips that start and end in Tyler (up to $25 off free rides). You can create an account and access Uber through their website or download the app for your smartphone from your devices app store.

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