It’s always a sad situation when a child isn’t being cared for properly, which was the case with a 3-year-old child in Tyler, Texas. The Tyler Paper first reported that Child Protective Services intervened after a 3-year-old child tested positive for having methamphetamine, amphetamine, and marijuana in their system.  

31-year-old Brandy Christine Jaco and 30-year-old Gary Duane Phillips Jr were both arrested on Thursday, September 27th each for abandoning or endangering a child. Phillips, who was already on parole for previous charges, had his bond set at $300,000 and Jaco has her bond set at $200,000.  

CPS first began this investigation on June 9th after receiving reports about a child who was being neglected and drugs being sold and used around children. Officers responded to their home after neighbors reported the couple yelling at each other and found a child who appeared dirty and only wearing underwear. Officers did file a report with CPS on what they observed at the residence.  

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A Smith County Judge Ordered the Removal of the Child 

On September 6th a Smith County judge did sign a removal order, when CPS officials arrived the child was dirty with matted hair. The child also had a strong odor and was wearing dirty clothes with fecal matter inside.  

Things Continued to Get Worse 

Jaco refused to talk to CPS officials when they visited the home on September 6th, although both Jaco and Phillips denied any sort of domestic violence or drug use taking place in the home.  

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