Confession time:  at this point in my life, when I'm putting together weekend plans, the process almost always starts with a simple question: "Where are we gonna eat?"

Two or three meals between Saturday morning & Sunday night will be at some restaurant location in East Texas.  Yesterday while looking online for interesting stuff to talk about on the radio, I came across a story at that immediately offered up answer #1 to this weekend's "dining destinations discussion".

Lola's Handcrafted Sandwiches on Old Jacksonville Hwy just south of the toll road, is representing East Texas in this statewide "best dozen" list.  The story shines a spotlight on Lola's New Orleans Po Boy, Cuban, & Chicken Parm (always a personal fave), but according to people around here, it's their Reuben that's "to die for".

Three co-workers couldn't resist & immediately bolted for lunch at Lola's as soon as the internal office conversation about the place stopped.  Two Reubens, one Mediterranean Turkey, & some Kicked Up Potato Chips later - all were feelin' more than satisfied & gave their selections big thumbs up!

Right now my mouth is already watering thinking about that Chicago Beef I'll be wolfin' down this weekend.

One other note about the original list:  just one spot worthy from the ETX?  Hard to believe...  I'd love to know about other local establishments that deserve special recognition for their sandwich creations.  Please share, so they can be added to a future "where we eatin' this weekend" line-up!

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