The bad news is, crime happens.

But there is good news too in the amount of support that's offered to crime victims, and Tyler police are right there in the thick of it.

National Crime Victims' Rights Week kicked off Sunday (April 7) and continues through this Saturday.

The theme for National Crime Victims' Rights Week is "Honoring Our Past. Creating Hope for the Future," and you can click HERE to connect with some valuable resources.  Tyler Police are part of the effort to help crime victims recover too.

The Office for Victims of Crime said it's taking the opportunity this week to celebrate the progress made so far while it works toward a time when crime victim services are even more "inclusive, accessible, and trauma-informed."  How do you think East Texas is doing?

Not a week goes by that we don't hear about a violent crime happening somewhere nearby, and sometimes it's a shocker.  Like, really?!  We thought we might be immune to some of the bad stuff, but nope, it's happening right here in our backyards.  And if it's not on the news, we might hear rumblings through friends or co-workers.  Crime is out there and it can be life-altering for victims.

Tyler Police do their best to connect crime victims with resources that they'll need to regroup and recover, and they've posted that information HERE.  Did you know crime victims may be entitled to a financial settlement?  There is compensation available to crime victims through the Texas Attorney General's Office.

We hope you're living in a crime-free zone with nothing to worry about, but if a crime happens in your circle, Tyler police and several local police departments are there to help.  National Crime Victims' Rights Week is a good time to remember that.

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