If you want to cut the alcohol and really remember that first date, we've got some alcohol-free summer date ideas that will definitely be memorable enough to lead to date number two.  

There's nothing wrong with happy hour, but if you've been on the dating apps for awhile and you're looking for something different to do besides drink at that first meeting, this handy list might provide some inspiration.  Then you can enter date number two with a clear head.

Relationship experts at Bustle came up with several ideas for fun summer dates that don't involve drinking, and we can make most of them happen right here in Tyler.

1. See An Outdoor Movie Or Concert.  At the very least we can find some live music on a restaurant patio, and those "movies in the park" events will start coming back when the weather cools off.  If you have a big screen in your backyard, that would be super cool.

2. Take A Boat Ride.  Boats are sexy, and a boat ride is a great way to impress your date guys.  Especially if it's actually yours and you didn't just rent it to get a good profile pic.

3. Visit A Bookstore.  Half Price Books or Pea Picker Bookstore are some top spots that people pick in Tyler, according to Yelp.

4. Have A Picnic.  At 9am.  Because it's hot.  A picnic could totally work if you can find some shade at parks around Tyler or Longview or Athens or wherever you are, or have that picnic on a boat and then jump into the water to cool off.

5. Visit A Botanical Garden.  The East Texas Arboretum in Athens comes to mind.  If a road trip isn't in the cards for a first date, this might make for the perfect second or third date. And it's a good spot for a romantic proposal once it's time to pop the question.

6. Go To A Baseball Game.  Maybe it's a youth baseball game in Tyler, or a road trip to watch the Rangers or Astros.  Baseball games are fun, and you can test each other's sports knowledge and interest levels.

7. Visit A Museum.  The Tyler Museum of Art might be romantic.  Dallas-based artist David Bates is featured right now, and his work will be on display until September 9.

8. Play Mini Golf.  There are mini golf places in Athens and Tyler that come to mind.  Again, activity is good because it eliminates the risk of awkward silences when you're sitting down at a bar or restaurant.  And women can win this golf game.  That's important!

9. Do A Water Sport.  Tube, paddleboard, or ski.  Does fishing count?  Lake Sam Rayburn would make for a memorable first date, especially if the girl catches the bigger fish than the guy does, and earns bragging rights.  If you can set the stage for teasin' and trash talkin' on the first date, you will win another one.

10. Do Something Active.  Like ride bikes.  There are plenty of trails around town, and online maps lay them out for you.  Just wait til the sun goes down because no girl wants to sweat on the first date.

11. Visit An Amusement Park.  Six Flags isn't that far away, and there are several water parks in East Texas that will only cost you an hour or two in the car.  Or, wait for the East Texas State Fair in September, and there will be plenty of rides on that midway too.

A love connection is near!  We hope this helps, and if these ideas fail we'll see you back at the bar for dates two, three, and four.  Good luck.

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