Whenever we hear of a story like this, it's absolutely heartbreaking. You know that almost every parent or caretaker would never mean to cause harm to a child especially their own but accidents happen. Which is exactly what took place last week as KFDM is reporting that last Friday, July 16th there was a child that lost his life after being left in a hot car here in Tyler.

It's tragic even writing about this story, this is a horrible way for someone to lose their life, and I cannot even begin to imaging what the boys parents are going through right now. This death is the first of it's kind in Texas so far this year but the 9th child death from a hot car in the country.

New Vehicle Safety Measures Added to Detect a Child Left in a Vehicle

Devastating instances like this are why the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill earlier this month that would require new passenger vehicles to have a system that would set off an warning if a child was detected in the vehicle. Wording within the bill is still being finalized but I think all people will agree this is a good idea and could save lives.

Remember to Slow Down, This Could Happen to Anyone

Accidents happen, and everyone thinks it would never happen to them. Unfortunately it happens, this is why we all have to slow down and double or even triple check to make sure no children are left in a hot vehicle.

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