Most East Texans probably lock their cars on at least a semi-regular basis. I know I do. Mainly because I want to do whatever I can to discourage would-be criminals from hopping in the back seat while I'm in the store or restaurant. That's a nightmare scenario for many of us. 

And of course, most of us lock our cars because we don't want whatever valuables we may have stashed away to get stolen.

At the same time, many of us are fortunate enough to live in a relatively safe area and we can tend to relax to the point where, from time to time, we decide not to lock our cars. As much as I hate telling you *not* to relax, you may wanna be extra vigilant, at least in this way, for awhile.

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Today the City of Tyler Police Department sent a warning to area residents to please lock your cars. And also--consider removing any valuables you may tend to leave in your car.

Why now? Unfortunately, stealing from cars is on the rise right now. 

Tyler Police reported on their Facebook page that they've been taking more auto burglary reports as of late. One of the most sought after items for thieves? GUNS.

Apparently the East Texas criminal element is feeling extra desperate as of late. Please don't become a victim of their desperation.

Lock your cars, remove any valuable items from your vehicle, and please please please be aware of your surroundings. Always, but especially now. And be EXTRA careful in those public parking lots! Stay safe, my friend. 

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