Disney's Beauty and the Beast is running now at the Tyler Civic Theater, and there are only two weekends left to see it.  Take Dad for Father's Day!  He knows all the songs, right?

When my girls and I had the chance to go to Disney World a few years back, we saw a performance of Beauty and the Beast on an outdoor stage right there in the middle of the midway and it was as powerful as ever.  The line was a mile long to get in because no matter how many times we all see it and even though we know how it ends, we can't stop watching it.  It was an all-ages crowd and I saw several dads mouthing the words and impressing the heck out of their kids as that softie Beast tried to win over Belle.  The beast is irresistible even though he can't sign autographs worth a darn because his big paws get in the way.  We learned that the hard way when we had dinner at the Beast's castle at Disney World.

The Tyler Civic Theater points out that Disney's Beauty and the Beast had a remarkable 13-year run on Broadway and has been produced in 37 countries worldwide. The local stage version of the show includes original songs and some new ones too as the Beast tries to end the curse by falling in love and turning back into his old handsome self.

The cast:

Belle.....Olivia Orren
Beast.....Ryan Ordmandy
Gaston.....Walker Delk
LeFou.....Zach Combs
Lumière.....Bryan Knous
Cogsworth.....Stephen Rainwater
Mrs. Potts.....Jinny Harris
Chip.....Fabiola Caraballo
Babette.....Sarabeth Wallace
Wardrobe.....Sarah Johnston
Maurice.....Roger Pharr
Enchantress.....Karla Bermudez
Prince.....Fritz Hagar III
Monsieur D'Arque.....Tristan Westmoreland

Beauty and the Beast runs from June 17-20 with all performances at 7:30 pm and then a 2:30 pm matinee on Sunday.  The same schedule happens June 24-27.  Tickets are available HERE.

Tyler Civic Theatre Center
400 Rose Park Drive
Tyler, TX 75702

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