We'll have great weather at times this week, and you might be looking for things to do outside to make the most of it.  Like eat!  Food can be even more fun when it's sunny and 75 and there's a great view to go along with the sandwiches and chips.

See if you agree that this spot is Tyler's best picnic area.

MSN, by the way, says the best spot for a picnic in all of Texas is in Wimberly, at Blue Hole Regional Park.  It's a big, beautiful swimming hole with Cypress trees and designated picnic areas. or you can carve out your own spot on a blanket away from the crowds. That's in Central Texas, south of Austin, but we've got plenty of great picnic spots in East Texas too.

Texas Parks and Wildlife lists Tyler State Park as one of the best.  It's at 789 Park Road 16 in Tyler if you want to Google Map it and head out there.  Take your mountain bike, swim in the lake, hike on 13 miles of trails, or rent a boat while you're carving out your spot to eat.  There are plenty of opportunities for a great picnic there, and not just under the designated canopies.

Your backyard in Kilgore is a great picnic option too, we hear.  We'll be right over next time you're smoking a brisket and breaking out the beverages.

What other picnic spots around East Texas do you love?  The weather looks great on Tuesday and Wednesday especially, and we'll be looking for options.  It will be too hot by May and we'll be back inside, but until then the best eating happens outside and we'd love it if you'd turn us on to the best spots.  We'll bring the guac.

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