It looks like one of those fitness trackers, but this bracelet can send taser-like shocks to your wrist if you overeat, spend too much time on social media, or hit snooze too many times.  In other words, self-torture can be programmed like clockwork.  Would you?

At least you'd be up bright and early and you'd never miss another John Boy and Billy Show.  It might be totally worth it.

If it's true that we put ourselves on auto-pilot sometimes and don't really think much about how much we're eating, or how much time we're wasting looking at silly videos on Youtube, the Pavlok shocker might come in handy.  It shocks us back to reality.

It looks like the strength of the shock can be adjusted, so if you're really mad at yourself for eating three pieces of chocolate cake you can really let loose and send a zap that might register on the Richter scale the next time you pick up a fork.

And to get our lazy selves out of bed, we can set the alarm clock bracelet for a vibration, buzzer, and that patent-pending electric zap.

We've gotten pretty good at ignoring the prodding of friends, spouses, and even our own inner disciplinarians. Something tells me we could get pretty good at ignoring this little zapper too.

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