Different men look for different things in women. Some guys like tall women. Others like shorter women. Some like thin women and others like a little meat on the bones.

But evolutionary psychologists believe that men are naturally programmed to look for specific traits in women. Here are the Top 10 traits men desire in women after the jump.

10. Moderate Neurotic-ism -- A little anxiety implies that she'll be a good mother. (Not totally crazy -- its a balancing act. No fatal attraction scene -- below is a clip from the movie)

9. The Color Red -- Researchers believe we're biologically programmed to be associate the color red with love. (That one makes sense, right?)

8. Waist-to-Hip ratio -- In America, men like the circumference of a woman's waist to be 70 percent the circumference of her hips. (Really someone got paid to find this fact out? Next we women will be told our feet need to be 20% of our height?)

7. Large Eyes and a Balanced Mouth. (What? I understand large eyes but balanced mouth -- So dating someone that looks like "impressionist" art is out? That one gets a big DUH)

6. Bodily Attractiveness. (No kidding!)

5. Agreeableness and Ability to Empathize. (Who doesn't want someone that agrees with them?)

4. Ovulating -- Believe it or not, studies show that men are powerfully attracted to women who are ovulating. (Well -- ok -- I guess)

3. Self-Sacrificing -- Men subconsciously look for women who volunteer or do charitable work. (Like their momma was?)

2. Appreciation -- If a woman appreciates you, she will be hard to resist. (uh... that took a pure genius to figure that one out, right?)

1. Facial Attractiveness -- (Didn't we cover this issue with number seven? I guess maybe no third eye..dunno)

Just asking -- Guys -- When you first meet a woman, what is the very first thing you notice about her? Are you currently looking for a long-term mate or loose fast fun? What different things are you looking for when you're looking for these different situations? Tell us if you agree with the findings?

Ladies -- Do you agree with this report? What do you think men find desirable?

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