We are already thinking about some springtime or summertime activities or road trips. One such road trip could take you almost to Abilene in the western part of Texas in the little town of Cisco. This town was once home to a small zoo that was the home to the world's largest man made pool at the time. It has long been abandoned but locals have taken to the area to clean it up and turn it into a walking trail for all the see.

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History of the Cisco Zoo

In the 1920's and 30's, the little town of Cisco was home to a small zoo (bigcountryhomepage.com). This zoo was home to a few animals including a deer and a bear. There were also stone structures that visitors could stay in on the grounds of the zoo. Close by is Lake Cisco with a huge dam. Below that dam, a large man made pool was built that visitors could swim in.

Didn't Stay Open Long

The zoo, however, proved to be a short lived attraction. The zoo would close, and with no one to take care of it, would fall into disrepair. The man made pool under the dam would remain open into the early 80's.

Zoo's Revival

A non profit group called SAFE (Students, Athletics, Families and Education) got a group of people together to go through the old zoo and clean up some of the overgrown areas (Texas Monthly). A couple of walking trails were added and the old zoo is now open to hike through and see what old structures still remain.

That was such a vital part of our town at one time and we would like to see some of that revitalized so that younger generations can enjoy what we missed out on. - Cisco Mayor Tammy Douglas

It is now known as the Old Zoo Nature Trails. Plans will continue for more improvements to the area. Take a virtual tour of the walking trail below and see if this may be a cool adventure for you and your friends or family this spring or summer.

This Abandoned Zoo in Cisco, Texas Could Make for a Cool Road Trip

Take a virtual tour of the walking trail and see if this may be a cool adventure for you and your friends or family this spring or summer.

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