One of the things that East Texans love the most is Tex Mex. It can be from a chain like Chuy's or On The Border or an East Texas owned establishment like El Lugar or Posados. No matter, if you can find a great taco or burrito, stick with it because they're delicious. For today, I wanted to concentrate on the Tex Mex options available in Longview. I went to and was able to find the top nine rated Tex Mex stops in town.

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Yelp is a Great Help

If you are unfamiliar with a business, Yelp is a great place to check. There you will find thousands of customer comments or reviews of retail, hotels, mechanic shops, restaurants and a whole lot more. Your search can be as simple as looking at the star rating of whatever it is your searching for. You can then click on that option and get a detailed breakdown of what you are searching for.

What I'm Using for This Ranking

For this particular write up, I am only concentrating on the star rating of these Tex Mex restaurants. The star rating can be as low as zero stars all the way up to five stars. None of these restaurants got a zero star rating, which is great, and only a couple got almost five stars. No matter what the star rating is, your personal preference determines where your favorite place is to eat.

So let's get to it, here are the top nine Tex Mex restaurants in Longview according to  their Yelp star rating:

These are the Top 9 Tex Mex Restaurants in Longview, Texas According to Yelp

The folks in Longview love them some Tex Mex with the Yelp ratings to back it up.

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