It's mean to withhold the magic of Christmas from the kids, and I just couldn't do it any longer. Lights on, tree up.

And I've discovered three big reasons besides these girls, why Christmas should always start before Thanksgiving.

Not only is the tree up in the living room, but there are blue lights lining the staircase, and I paid a guy to put up outdoor lights on the roof line and around the landscape beds outside.  Oh, and I found a wreath that no longer lights up because it's old, but it's fake evergreen so it's in decent shape and I slapped that on the front door too.  There is no shortage of Christmas at our house.

Why get it going before Thanksgiving?

1.  It's off the to-do list.   After Thanksgiving it's a whirlwind of Christmas parties and holiday school performances, not to mention figuring out who is getting what for gifts, and getting ready for relatives to invade.  Getting the decorations up early takes the pressure off.

2.  We'll get our money's worth.  Christmas decorations cost a lot, and if they're only up for a short time we're paying a lot for a little.  Putting them up early means we're paying a lot for a lot and it helps it all balance out.

3.  It's fun!  The glow from the lights is comforting, and feeling that little buzz isn't dependent on what the calendar says.  The earlier we start, the longer the buzz lasts.

The question is, if we put up decorations early, are we just as motivated to take them down ahead of schedule?  Um, noooo.  Taking them down is a pain, and it's then that we realize the scrooges who put up zero decorations are the smart ones.

Happy Chris-Giving!

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